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Singapore-based theatre director Lewin Bernard sets to reimagine the art of storytelling by stretching the conventions of theatre, visuals, and different performance genres through his art direction. What inevitably sets Lewin’s work apart is his highly artistic sensibility for capturing scenes that resonate with the audience. Lewin strongly believes in the collaborating process with actors, designers and the team that surrounds him. 

Earlier, Lewin had his acting career carved amongst leading labels like Disney (S.E.A.), FOX TV, and Nickelodeon. As a script writer thereafter, he wrote plays for stage, education institutions and, most notably, for the Singapore International Film Festival Award Night. 

Thereafter, Lewin’s practice in directing allowed him to further diversify his body of works with greater autonomy. By collaborating with various artists to shape his style of authentic storytelling, he was able to garner extensive knowledge in the discipline.


Photo by Crispian Chan

These partnerships include theatre and art makers from established art houses such as Polyglot Puppet Theatre (Australia), Kazenoko-Kyushu Theatre Company (Japan), Cleveland Theatre Company (UK), Tuida (South Korea), Papon & Tonino (Argentina), Act 3 International (Singapore), Agni Koothu (Singapore), DramaBox (Singapore), The Theatre Practice (Singapore), Daryl Beeton Productions (UK), Dick Lee Asia (Singapore), Nine Years Theatre (Singapore), La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi (Italy) and Chan+Hori Contemporary (Singapore).​

To date, Lewin has directed over 40 productions, from musicals to original works, including children-centric productions, thus expanding the accessibility to his repertoire of works to audiences of all ages

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