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February 2023

Esplanade - Theatre on the Bay, Singapore

Solo Oray Aal 2023 by SITFE

Cast: Vignesh Singh
Written by Aishwariyah Shanmuganathan, Vignesh Singh and Lewin Bernard

Directed by Lewin Bernard

Almost always, sexual victimisation is characterised as a “women’s issue". As such, many men with traumatic experiences suffer in silence throughout their lives. Social attitudes and stereotypes about men and masculinity make it even harder.


Where do men go for help when they need it? How do they overcome the stigma and shame? And most importantly, what do they do to keep going on with life?


Manvir, a 28-year-old Sikh, battles with a traumatic past. In his quest to overcome stigma and shame, Manvir learns to celebrate life's simplest joys and smallest wins in his journey of healing and living.



November 2022

Esplanade - Theatre on the Bay, Singapore

Kalaa Utsavam

Cast: Nazray & Hasisha Nazir
Written by Lewin Bernard

Directed by Lewin Bernard

What happens when two good friends come into a disagreement on a situation? Do they solve it on their own? Not quite: Instead, they’ll tell a story to try and get people on their side. The story in question revolves around an ox, a lion who’s also a king and two jackals named Kalilah & Dimnah. Watch how this story plays out, live at Esplanade Concourse!



March 2022

National University Singapore

NUS Arts Festival 2022

In Collaboration with NUS Indian Instrument Ensemble

Music by Nawaz Mirajkar
Movement Score by Lewin Bernard

Directed by T. Sasitharan

According to Indian Philosophy, the theme of Light is synonymous with realization and enlightenment. The process is viewed as both a dichotomy between light and darkness as well as a gradient representing the journey toward this enlightenment. The duality in this process is what Bodhi – The Awakening brings to light.

Bodhi – The Awakening incorporates Indian Classical Music, theatrical elements in storytelling, and movement to depict the journey of enlightenment through the discovery of a person’s inner light. This production takes you on a journey through Indian Classical Music, with music compositions representing various moods and tones together with movement and text to reflect on the dual nature and transitions between light and darkness in a person’s journey toward enlightenment. As the first iteration of this production, Bodhi – The Awakening is a work-in-progress presentation by NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble under the guidance of Music Director, Nawaz Mirajkar, with a movement score by Lewin Bernard, and directed by T Sasitharan. 

Bodhi – The Awakening is a confluence of Indian Classical Music and Theatre, presenting the duality of light and darkness and the transition between light and darkness through the eyes of a persona.

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August 2021

Goodman Arts Centre, Blackbox

DASTAK Hindi Theatre Festival

Cast: Rachita Arke, Vishal Khattri & Adi Srivastava
Written by Shabnam

Adapted + Directed by Lewin Bernard

When does a mistake become a crime? And what happens to a family when a father is a criminal in the eyes of his children? Can they forgive him? Why is it so much harder to forgive a loved one?



September 2020

National University Singapore

NUS Arts Festival

Cast: Cheryl KJM, Theresa Chan, Noopur Joshi, Nazray and Ariel Lim

Written + Directed by Lewin Bernard

Crime Radio 61.7FM is Singapore’s no. 1 radio show for crime investigation enthusiasts! Find out what Singapore’s most dangerous criminals have been up to from Emma Huang, our intrepid reporter who provides exclusive coverage and undisclosed information on crimes.



November 2019

Stamford Arts Centre

DASTAK Hindi Theatre Festival

Cast: Rachita Arke & Noopur Joshi
Written by Hemang Yadav

Adapted + Directed by Lewin Bernard

What is your relationship with Tekka? Tekka a place that is rich with culture in the heart of Singapore. A location that balances as a tourist destination with being a spot that provides for many Indians residing on this island. An architect finds herself at the crossroads of her life. Making a decision in the name of progress and her personal life!



January 2020

Gardens by the Bay

Lunar New Year - Spring Suprise

Cast: Adib Kosnan, Gina Cai, Joanne Ng, Jamil Schluze, Elizabeth Loh, Cheryl KJM, Izzathy Halil, Joash Zheng and Nazray

Puppet by Frankie Malachi

Music Composed by George Leong

Costumes Designed by Yang Derong
Written by Jean Tay

Directed by Lewin Bernard

The Story of Nian comes to life with music, drama and puppetry. A village finds itself under threat from a terrifying monster, the Nian, who descends upon them from the mountain every year. Little do they know that it is actually the discord and squabbling amongst them that draws the monster to the village every year. A wise old man holds the key to repelling the Nian, and reminds them of the importance of the village's history and traditions. But will the villagers be able to learn from his wisdom and experience, and to put aside their differences to unite and fight the beast together? This colourful retelling of the ancient Chinese legend is produced by Dick Lee Asia with creative direction by Dick Lee, costume design by Yang Derong, and puppet design by Frankie Malachi. It is scripted by Jean Tay and directed by Lewin Bernard.



August 2019

Gardens by the Bay

Legends of Singapore

Cast: Jamil Schluze, Cheryl KJM, Grace Kalai, Joash Zheng, Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai, and Hairi Cromo

Puppet by Frankie Malachi + Bright Ong

Music by SAtheCollective
Costume Design by Yang Derong
Written by Jean Tay

Directed by Lewin Bernard + Bright Ong

In The Friendly Snake, a little girl and a snake living in a tree develop a beautiful friendship. But as their friendship grows, the village’s livestock begin to mysteriously disappear. Could it be the snake?



August 2019

Gardens by the Bay

Legends of Singapore

Cast: Adib Kosnan, Yazid Jalil, Izzathy Halil, Nazray, Ted Nugent, Gina Cai, Fahim Murshed, and Sirfan S Knite

Puppet by Frankie Malachi + Bright Ong
Music by OrkeStar Trio

Costume Design by Yang Derong
Written by Jean Tay

Directed by Lewin Bernard + Bright Ong

The Scourge of the Swordfish tells the tale of how Bukit Merah got its name. A quiet fishing village comes under attack by ferocious swordfish, and it takes an ingenious idea to save the villagers from these fierce creatures of the sea.



August 2018

Esplanade - Theatre on the Bay, Singapore

Red Dot August

Cast: Desmond Soh, Tan Weiying & Nazray
Written by Lewin Bernard

Directed by Lewin Bernard

In Seven: Level 2, Tan Weiying, Desmond Soh and Nazray will present a haunting tale surrounding the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Known as the time spirits exit the underworld to roam our world, Level 2 acts as a sequel to the first edition of Late Night Ghost Stories held last year. This time around, we find two souls—both obsessed with reincarnation and desperate for liberation from hell’s torment, as they battle it out in a series of tests to prove their worthiness to King Minos, the Greek Judge of the Underworld.

The twist then, it that it’s not King Minos who decides their fate – it is you, the audience, who will decide who it is that ultimately gets to be free. Prepare to participate and cast your vote in this tale of weary spirits and restless souls at the Esplanade this August.

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July 2016

Mediacorp Theatres

Brothers of St. Gabriel's 100th Year Anniversary

Cast: Students of Montfort Junior School, St Gabriel's Primary School, Assumption English School, Montfort Secondary School and St Gabriel's Secondary School 
Written by Joanne Ng

Costume by Hayden Ng

Sound Design by Jing Ng 

Set Design by Gerald Leow

Lighting Design by Albert Wileo

Dance Choreography by Gina Cai

Directed by Lewin Bernard

2016 was indeed a historic year for us. Montfort School celebrated its 100th anniversary, the culmination of a century’s old journey which began with the founding of Holy Innocents’ English School in 1916.

That year also witnessed another key milestone – it marked the 300 years since the passing of our Founder, St Louis-Marie de Montfort.

To mark these important pages in history, the St Gabriel's Foundation (a charity organisation which manages the 6 schools under the Montfort Brothers of Saint Gabriel - Singapore banner) commissioned “Destiny”, a musical which celebrates the legacy of the Brothers of St Gabriel who arrived in Singapore in 1936.

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